As a private 501C3 corporate foundation, The Fasken Foundation primarily reviews and grants those requests for youth, health and human services, and education. Operational funds are available with brick and mortar funds more restrictive.

Continuing educational scholarships are also made to the Texas students of: Midland High School, Midland Robert Lee High School, Midland Greenwood High School, and Ft. Stockton High School. These grant requests are made directly through the above individual schools. Also, nursing educational scholarships are available through Midland College. This Foundation does not build foundations for homes or buildings. Telephone solicitations are not considered, nor does the Foundation accept veterans or law enforcement organizations, religious or fraternal organizations, political candidates or parties, propaganda organizations, educational institutions other than accredited colleges or universities, or personal needs of individuals.

Grant requests are reviewed each quarter. Each entity requesting a grant may make only one application annually. Approximately 80% of the grant funds are distributed in Midland, Texas. With the remaining 20% made in those other communities where members and directors live.

The Fasken Foundation board of directors meets quarterly in October, January, April, and July. Application deadlines for these meetings are September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30. Please note that these dates are arranged in grant year order allowing distributions to be made in a calendar year.

Initial Applicants

First time applicants are asked to submit a pre-application letter stating the intent and financial needs of the project. With this letter they must also submit forms SF-CP and SF-1 found below, plus their most recent annual financial statement, and proof of 501C3 status. After this information is reviewed by The Fasken Foundation Grants Committee and Board of Directors, the initial applicant will either be notified: 1) that our Foundation is interested in the project and now the initial applicant is asked to submit the full application required by “Recurring Applicants” found below; or 2) that your project does not fit our required criteria.

Recurring Applicants

The Fasken Foundation accepts portions of the standardized grant application forms below developed by The Funders Roundtable and the Nonprofit Management Center of the Permian Basin Area Foundation ("PBAF"). All grant application requests are required to include a cover letter, their most recent annual financial statement, and proof of 501C3 status if not previously provided in the last calendar year. For operational funds please add forms SF-CP, SF-2, SF-4, SF-5, and SF-6. For capital projects, please add forms SF-CP, SF-2, SF-4, SF-6, SF-7, and SF-8.

Forms for All Applicants [PDF format; see usage notes below]

Notes about the Forms

The preceding application forms are in Adobe PDF format. You may be able to complete these forms online via your web browser, depending on your software. However, unless you are using Adobe Acrobat or the most current version of Acrobat Reader you may not be able to save the completed form. This is not a problem with the form; it's simply a characteristic of the software. If you feel that you might want to save the text you enter on the form, we suggest typing it into a separate text document, saving it, then copying and pasting into the PDF form.

All information requests, pre-application letters, and application forms should be sent to:

The Fasken Foundation
Attn: Jeff Alsup
P.O. Box 2024
Midland, TX 79702

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